Investing in Your Cultural Capital

Your most important asset is your people and by investing in their education, growth, well being and emerging potential, the ROI is evident. Happier people translate into happier finances and the cost of training, coaching and development pales in comparison to the cost of turnover (1.5 to 3 times salary).


Disruptive Questioning:

  1. Are you courageous enough to create a work climate where your people actually thrive or just survive?
  2. Is your organization “Great in the Making” by the investment in a sustainable future through the care and feeding of your workforce?
  3. And if you are moving from “Good to Great”, are you willing to commit to moving to something even more significant as your Legacy: From Great to the Greater Good©?

Now in its fourth decade of facilitating transformational change in leaders, managers and mentors, The Patnaude Group continues to guide business professionals of all levels realize their potential and make more than a living.  They make a difference:

  • • In their relationships with employees and customers…
  • • In their personal lives with family and friendships…
  • • And in their global impact on the planet.

Leadership Development

For the enterprise or individuals interested in uncovering and empowering transformational qualities all outcomes include: Creative and flexible work styles and work environments; individual consideration of each employee that enhances their career and growth; intellectual stimulation for creating a positive, solution oriented culture; motivating others toward a vision of great and a greater good; leading by example as an ideal influence.
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“The science of management has traditionally fostered the belief that managers are supposed to manage their people to generate high productivity for higher profit. While not against productivity and profit, Jeff Patnaude believes in another concept of management: Good and effective management begins with managing the business of ourselves first. Only then can we move to the next challenge, that of managing the environment where others can be successful in their work.” (Excerpt from: HUMANagement, The Human Element, Jeffrey Patnaude, 1999).
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“Finding a course for mentoring development was nearly impossible; that’s how Habits of Heroes, 12 Practices of a Mentor was born.” Jeff Patnaude, 2008

The Benefits of Developing a Mentoring Culture goes beyond performance and productivity by:

  • Building the next generation of leaders by guiding participants through an individualized leadership development process.
  • Employing the organization’s values, purpose, mission and legacy for insuring a culture that is holistic, sustainable and value driven.
  • Teaching Mentees in The Habits of Heroes, 12 practices of the Mentor for extraordinary results and future service as a Mentor.

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Jeffrey Patnaude is the author of multiple books that fully develop the core principles of his work and teachings and explore the pathway to a balanced, joy-filled work and personal life. Jeffrey also writes for young audiences with works like Penny and Oak and Maple that both teach and entertain.

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