Now into its third decade of facilitating transformational change, The Patnaude Group has helped business professionals of all levels realize their potential and develop into leaders who make more than a living, they make a difference. Transforming people and process From Great to a Greater Good ©, the depth of our unique leadership development programs encompass the whole person and assist each individual in achieving extraordinary potential in the world of Work.

Meet the Founder

“Business, more than any other organizational force, has the power to change the planet. The influence of business leaders upon modern society is arguably the strongest of any institution, more direct than the educational system, more effective than political institutions, and more tangible than religious ones – because business leaders have both the ability and the authority to determine the nature of the environment in which people live and work.” Jeff Patnaude, Leading from the Maze

Jeff Patnaude’s passion is Leadership and Mentoring. He continues to blog about his leadership experiences weekly at his Journey to Inner Excellence Blog and publishes his work regularly through White Rhino Press. Expert Social Networker and Episcopal Priest (Fr., Jeff lives on his farm in Virginia with his wife Susan where they, their associates, and four dogs, host executives each week for Transformational Leadership experiences at The Golden Apple  Center for Inner Excellence.