Relationship Gold

Relationship Gold is a one day, personal and professional development experience with Cisco’s longest tenured executive mentor and coach, Jeff Patnaude (since 1991) for the purpose of beginning, fine tuning or deepening the practices and perceptions essential for securing long term and profitable customer relationships.

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The Art of Speaking

A core program of The Patnaude Group Inc. for over 25 years, The Art of Speaking teaches participants to communicate more effectively. The process instills confidence and helps participants develop specific skills that they carry forward into any business situation or environment. Classes are limited to 12 so that each student receives personalized attention in developing a unique style that builds upon one’s individual strengths. In this 2-day program, participants learn to engage their audience, motivate others, use visuals effectively, promote a personal style, and build confidence while they develop and practice delivering multiple presentations. Filmed playback, coaching and audience feedback are utilized as important learning tools.

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Extraordinary Communication

Communication is the key to relationship management – it is the highest expression of emotional intelligence and has been proven to contribute up to 60% of any individual’s success, personally and professionally. Mediocre Communication will achieve the norm or a standard below whereas Extraordinary Communication becomes the benchmark toward which the superior contributor strives.

In the Extraordinary Communication Seminar, a one day—fast paced experience, you will learn:

  • The 3 Stages of Change and how to assess your communication requirements
  • The Six Dynamics of Influence and how to use them – or be used by them
  • Hacking your Own Hard Drive – Your Personal Reality (Values, Behavioral Drivers and Psychological Type – MBTI)
  • Adjusting your Software for creating an environment for Listening, Learning and Leading your customer conversations
  • Owning the Room through Civility, Savvy and Service
  • Making a professional, stand-up presentation
  • Ways to enhance your virtual presentation and presence
  • How to avoid Power Point with a more effective alternative
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Organizing any talk from Formal to Impromptu
  • Work Life Flow – It’s Quantum Sense

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The Systems Engineer (SE) can be one of the most effective public relations officials (PRO) of your company. How relationships are developed and nourished determines lasting partnerships and continued success. The SE can be most successful in caring for the needs of the customer through learning quality listening skills. They can best represent your company through the use of professional presentation skills and the SE can better build more successful customer relationships by learning and using appropriate influencing skills and the dynamics of “owning the room.”

This course develops an awareness of the success factors of Organizational and Personal Power by enhancing presentation and communication skills within the context of the third success factor, Influence Skills. Three primary areas of influence will be learned and practiced: InformationInteraction and Inspiration(For Virtual format see: E-Pro)

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Mindful Engineering

The Engineer: After the departure of the sales professional, the Engineer is the one who re-mains with the customer for on-going support and the practice of relationship management. Usually the MOST IMPORTANT component of the public relations process, the Engineer be-comes the enduring connection for service and post-sales.

The most influential person in the room is the one who is most conscious and:

• Is fully aware of the current moment

• Uses questioning skills to determine the real problem

• Utilizes the brain toward a solution orientation

• Accesses the correct brain at the right time

• Manages stress optimally

• Remains fully present with the customer with empathy and care

• Thrives on the opportunity of a challenge

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