The Leadership Trilogy

The Patnaude Group Inc. is now completing its third decade of training transformational/servant leaders. The Leadership Trilogy is for the unique participant who wants to move from Transformational Leader to Mentor. Based on values and purpose, with a sense of vision and legacy, this level of leader is one who moves beyond ego and accumulation to serve the Greater Good, which first includes their people and those who find meaningful work under their direction. This kind of leader lifts people toward a vision generated from wisdom and follows this personal pathway based upon a calling to serve in one of the highest of responsibilities, mentoring.

For the traveler willing to walk the entire journey, The Leadership Trilogy is the ultimate pathway:

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Developing the Transformational Leader – Part One

This three-day seminar is a dynamic Four Part process to broaden and deepen your skills into the realm of Transformational Leadership – a level of leadership that is beyond the ordinary. The investigation into the science of Emotional Intelligence serves as a foundation for this training.

Self Awareness and the Psychology of Self  – Asking the question: WHO?

Utilizes determining your top 5 values and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® as a baseline of understanding.

The Practice of Self-MasteryAsking the question: WHY?

• Ideal Influence – the presence you exude that others want to emulate

• Inspirational Motivation – providing inspiration for meaning and challenge to their follower’s work

• Intellectual Stimulation – stimulating others to be innovative and creative by questioning assumptions

Individual Consideration – your ability to pay attention to each individual’s needs by acting as a coach

The Skills of Social Competence

Quality Listening: determined to be the most important leadership skill in a list of twenty five and

The Art of Speaking: a workshop on how to make purposeful and memorable presentations.

The Legacy of Relationship Management Sustaining those relationships that are the key to your success and the key to your heart: The most important aspect of our lives is the quality of our relationships. The final session is based on Jeff Patnaude’s book, Living Simultaneously, Balancing

Self Care, Relationships and Work. The final component concludes with A Taste of Legacy and points toward the Part Two sequel that answers the next Great Questions, WHAT is your work and HOW will we know you have been here?

Developing the Transformational Leader is also offered independently of the series.

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Legacy – Part Two (Part One is required for this program)

Now, as Part One serves as a foundation, this course becomes the way to continue the journey by investigating the key elements that will make the greatest difference in the memory of YOU:

The Wisdom that flows through you and…                                                                                                                 The Flow of your life circles that has come through wise choices.

As a Two Day program, participants are briefly refreshed in the key points of the first course and then are introduced to two remarkable instruments for examining TWO NEW QUESTIONS:

What is your work?

How will you be remembered?

Utilizing new instrumentation, Legacy becomes a powerful renewal experience as well as another signpost along the way of the leadership experience.

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The Executive Coaching Process

In his first book, Leading from the Maze (Ten Speed Press, 1995), Jeff Patnaude was the first to unlock the groundbreaking utilization of the ancient labyrinth as an executive tool for transformation. The three part process – Inward, Center and Outward are what any discerning business leader does when seeking a strategic vision for the highest impact and greatest return. The process includes the following 3 questions :

  • WHY are you here?
  • HOW can you create a powerful and positive presence?
  • WHAT will be your legacy?

These are the most important questions that require an individualized answer.

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The Executive Coaching Triad©

24 hours over 7 months dedicated to your personal and professional development

INCREASE number of Participants – DECREASE amount of Cost Practical and cost-effective approach to offer Executive Coaching in the following format with the visionary goal of developing emerging leadership within the constraints of annual budgets.

Month One:
Hours 1-2: Virtual format – two separate hours in the
first month in Triad.

Month Two:
Hours 3-17: In person at The Golden Apple Center for Inner Excellence in Warrenton, Virginia (3 Triads in attendance). 16 of
the 24 hours of process are held at Jeff Patnaude’s mountain top executive conference center.

With THREE Triads in residence from varying organizations or the same company, Patnaude and his associates lead the group of nine through a deep examination of the practices of transformational leadership in a two day seminar, where the process unfolds in an unstructured setting, offering the farm conference home cooking, long walks and mountain fresh air just 50 miles from The White House in Washington, D.C.

Months Three and Four:
Hours 18-21. Virtual Format: Strategic Planning (3 hours) with Goal Setting (I hour)

Months Five through Seven:
Hours 22-24. Virtual
Format: 30, 60 and 90 Day Check-in, (1 hour each)

Posing the 3 questions of WHY are you here? HOW can you create a powerful and impactful presence for those whom you represent – and WHAT will be the successful outcome of your work are just some of the important questions considered.
Each process is designed and tailored according to specific need.
What can be included:

  • Top 5 Value indicator
  • Purpose Index for determining a personal purpose statement and clarity of direction
  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory – (MBTI) Form Q for a deep dive into personal preference
  • Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire for measuring 4 management styles, 4 Transformational Leadership Styles and 3 work climate factors.
  • Keys to the Practice of Mindfulness
  • A Work/Life Flow assessment and goal setting
  • Learning to coach others according to the new neuroscience and MBTI
  • Strategic Visioning according to the 3 part process with solution orientation
  • Making Professional presentations and how to include ALL of the audience
  • Quality listening components for enhancing the Number One leadership skill
  • The Art of Mentoring and utilization of Habits of Heroes ©

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The Executive Team Triple Play

Addressing the three most important concerns of any intact organization:

• Building leaders into a Transformational Team

• Expanding the Strategic Vision of that Team

• Teaching the Practices of Transformational Leadership

In a three day format, all the best of these individual seminars are put into one format for intact teams.

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Counselor Mentor Coach

180 days for the Curious Soul

The 180 Degree Process

Turning a corner requires a 90 degree deviation – Turning AROUND necessitates a 180 variation on the path. This SIX month program/process is comprised of 180 days of participating in a remarkable journey along the pathway of the labyrinth and follows three parts:

  • Journey Inward – 60 days (15 hours) – Self awareness, courageous disruption and the discovery process of Who you are and Why you are here. Testing instrumentation is utilized for investigating and revealing key motivators and obstacles to a level of awareness necessary for optimal performance. In this process, you are guided by the skill and the 42 years of experience of The Counselor .
  • The Place of Center – 60 Days (15 hours) – Strategic visioning, entrepreneurial thought enhancement and the How you will best achieve your purpose. Eureka moments and breakthrough ideas are often just on the other side of clarity and the process for accessing genius. At the intersection of knowledge and wisdom, you are guided by The Mentor.
  • Journey Outward – 60 Days (15 hours) – A final step required is the Outward movement for bringing to market the inspiration that was received at The Place of Center. This process includes: stimulating the forward movement of your cognitive brain, tapping the passion of your heart brain and accessing the power of your gut brain. This process is facilitated by The Coach for helping you set goals and achieve extraordinary success.

THREE Unique features of this extraordinary program:

  1. Patnaude is the author of three of the books used in this process: Leading from the Maze, A Personal Pathway to Leadership which serves as one of the tools for the journey and is the only published work that equates the labyrinth with the leadership journey; Living Simultaneously, Balancing Self-care, Relationships and Work that becomes the quantum model for Work/Life Flow and A Daily Journal for the Curious Soul from which you will receive one of his 180 quotes each day with reflections for daily pondering and application.
  2. You experience much of the process in person at Patnaude’s Center for Inner Excellence, as guest at the Farm House and nurtured by the mountain top beauty (see video)
  3. Patnaude remains indefinitely, as your mentor and guide upon completion of the program, FREE OF CHARGE

Outcomes for these 45 hours of individualized attention

Participants will:

  • Practice mindfulness daily as a behavior for initiating superior cognition
  • Heal and remove barriers to an optimal life experience
  • Have fun
  • Learn and apply the new neuroscience of brain function for optimal thinking
  • Learn the practice of 3 Brain Congruence and optimal decision making
  • Discover 78 competency areas of evaluation from The Judgment Index
  • Learn how others rate you in five areas of Transformational Leadership and four management styles
  • Determine roadblocks to remove and gifts to accentuate
  • Rest and relax during breaks for pondering and journaling
  • Discover your psychological TYPE and the underlying elements that drive your behavior
  • Learn and practice stimulating insight for yourself and others
  • Practice Work/Life Flow and a personalized routine for optimal health
  • Develop an actionable plan that will inspire achievement
  • Practice the benefit of solution orientation vs. problem solving
  • Receive a follow‐up assessment from your direct reports
  • Work in an on‐going partnership with your leader for post results.

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