“Mentoring is the highest form of leadership. To be invited to serve as a guide and wisdom source for one who seeks to learn, is not only a notable commendation, it is a unique life privilege.”

Jeffrey Patnaude

The Virtual Hero Mentoring Program

In one 60 minute session per month, in the same time slot, (Ex. – 2nd Mondays from 3:00-4:00 pm EST) for one year, each HERO learns 12 critical practices of the mentor. Then, with the assistance of a Hero Leader’s Guide, the HERO translates and teaches the message to three Master Mentor participants of their choosing.

“You teach best what you most need to learn.” Richard Bach, Illusions

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Mentoring in Partnership

Mentoring in Partnership is the combination of YOU with one or two peer/partner(s) who you select to join you in this remarkable journey as a Hero Mentor. Each of you then chooses up to five Mentees for whom you will serve as the Mentor/Teacher of each of the 12 sessions.

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Developing a Mentoring Culture

The Benefits of Developing a Mentoring Culture goes beyond
performance and productivity by:

  • Focusing on the next generation of leaders by guiding participants through
    an individualized leadership development process.
  • Overseeing the organization’s values, purpose, mission and legacy for insuring a culture that is holistic, sustainable and value driven.
  • Teaching and guiding Mentees in The Habits of Heroes, 12 practices of the Mentor for extraordinary results and future service as a mentor.

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Mentor/Coach is an eight part, four‐month virtual series for developing a new level of mentoring and coaching for the seasoned manager. Building upon the experience and talent of the senior manager, this course moves to a new level of thinking and coaching based upon new discoveries in neurological science and how to use optimal brain function for “doing more with more.”

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