There is No Away

There is No Away

Pass through

Many years ago a Silicon Valley leader and friend of mine had an employee who used the internet for personal reasons during his work hours. When warned that this could be used as evidence for termination, instead of stopping the behavior, he began hiding his trail, hitting the delete button when finished with each session. Thinking he was safe from discovery, he soon was approached by his boss with all the evidence of his trail of inquiry. When confronted with this he replied: “How could you have found this – I thought it all was ‘thrown away’? “John”, she replied calmly. “There is NO AWAY.”

She was correct. There is “no away” as we have discovered in the recirculation of everything. We have learned that we cannot put toxic chemicals into the rivers thinking they will disappear into the immeasurable vastness of the oceans evidenced by toxicity showing up in the tissue of what is on our dinner plates. We cannot put carbon into the air thinking that the air can take care of itself and cleanse our dirty practice as proven by the oceans that are rising each moment. And if we think that our negative thought waves don’t contribute to the cosmic soup of negativity, we are sadly mistaken. Even the universe or multi-verses hold on to the destructive thinking of a contaminated mind. There is NO AWAY.

So why do we say that someone PASSED AWAY?  Of course I am aware that people are naturally uncomfortable about any conversations regarding death – or money – but this one has always puzzled me. “Passed away where”? That is what I want to ask but don’t because of the potentially volatile nature of the moment. The average person doesn’t think in terms of analyzing the meaning of what they say because it is not your typical sport. If it was, we wouldn’t say “irregardless,” whole nother” or being nauseous but that’s another story for another day.

My Black Church experience taught me a different way of dealing with the announcement of death: “She PASSED”! While I love the vernacular nature of this abbreviation, it does suggest to me the rigors of academia. I guess I also fear that when I die, someone may say: “He FLUNKED!”

What I therefore would like to suggest is that we embrace a more colloquial phrase – Passed ON. Or we could try something new such as Passed Over –or my favorite, Passed Through. Each suggests a continuation in the journey and ignores the suggestion that we ultimately move into the “Realm of Away.”  Since there is NO AWAY anyway, isn’t it kind of foolish that we would suggest it? I don’t know about you but when I Pass Over the anchor that kept me tethered to this world and Pass Through the veil that separates this dimension from the next, I will be Passing ONward into the next scenario that awaits the soul who essentially is returning home. Perhaps only then will it be appropriate if some disembodied voice remarks, “We’ve missed you while you were AWAY.”