Vital/Virtual Transformational Leadership

2 Vital Days – 6 Virtual Sessions – 42 Participants – 7 Mentors

Successfully Influencing Larger Groups

All training CANNOT be Virtual. Some, like Developing the Transformational Leader (DTL) requires an “in person” approach for life changing transformation (Vital) yet some of the elements CAN be taught through the internet medium (Virtual).

Vital Virtual ™ is our way of bringing some of the powerful experience of the basic program.

This is the Developing the Transformational Leader program (DTL) developed for larger groups at a reduced cost.

 MENTORS, chosen from the Developing the Transformational Leader (DTL) program are the key to this programs success. Responsible for 6 students, each mentor oversees the development of their group while training segments are delivered by The Patnaude Group trainer/coach. One FULL DAY of Vital experience in a central location begins the program as a group of 48 participants with eight mentors gather for Session One, having completed Pre-work. One FULL DAY of Vital experience completes Vital Virtual™ during Session Seven.

Session One: Vital – Full day onsite to include:

• Emotional Intelligence Overview

• Review of EQ on-line instrument

• SMART Goals for enhancing EQ competencies

• MBTI results with coaching according to TYPE

• Lecture on The Power of Presence

Six Sessions: Virtual

Session Two: Values Inventory and Purpose Index

Session Three: Multifactor Leadership Quotient

Session Four: Coaching others according to Type

Session Five: Quality Listening and The Art of Hearing

Session Six: Living a Seamless Life of Self-care, Personal Relationships and Work

Session Seven:  Vital- Full day onsite for group reflection, learning, stories of growth with Graduation

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 HUMANagement – The Virtual Six

“The Human element is the most important factor in management theory and practice. Employees don’t leave companies, they leave their managers. Thus the critical importance of the manager knowing their own strengths and developmental opportunities first, and then enhancing those key areas, is a most important factor for keeping an aligned and productive workforce.”

Jeffrey Patnaude, HUMANagement

Our very successful onsite management program is now available to you in a virtual format for groupings of six managers and includes:

• Ease of application

• Flexible Scheduling

• Zero travel

• Minimal time away from daily managerial duties

• Instruction and guidance from a highly experienced Management Coach

• An affordable price

Three weeks before the course begins:

Instructor conducts 15 minute phone interviews with two subordinates, one peer and the supervisor for each of the participants (4 hrs)

Managers complete all instrumentation (4 hrs)

Managers view video: Optimal Intelligence (30 minutes)

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